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About the company

One would think, what could be more prosaic than glass? Glass surrounds us everywhere. We are so used to the glass that we almost take no notice of it. But try to imagine nowadays without glass. It is impossible… the glass indeed is the perfect material: it is equally natural and expressive – in the traditional flatware, in the avant-garde designers’ creations, in the sensual samples of small statuary. Since the days of Ancient Egypt, where the glass was used for decoration, the glass products have been changed everyway. The glass is not only satisfying the eye, it provides energy saving, lighting, safety and protection.       

JSC “Saratovstroysteklo” is one of the leaders of the national glass industry. For more than half a century the company supplies its products both to the Russian and International markets. Today the sales geography of Saratov glass comprises about 30 countries all over the world.

The spacious workshops equipped by modern and state-of-the-art facilities are located over the 50 hectares of JSC “Saratovstroysteklo” territory. Applying of more advanced and innovative technologies has allowed to Saratov glass makers to switch over to producing the sheet glass by float-method one of the first and of the few all over the country. The glass in thicknesses from 3mm up to 12mm corresponds to the highest international standards.

The quality of products made by the Volga maters is universally acknowledged. Through Saratov glass hundred thousands of flats, schools, hospitals and kindergartens are filled with the light all the county round. Exactly Saratov glass adorns the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the Ostankino TV tower, the Borodino panorama, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the trade center on the Manege Square and many other famous sites. The hundred thousands of cars over the Russian roads are flashing with Saratov glass.

Honoured company’s history is inseparably associated with the name of the founder and the first director of Saratov Industrial Glass Factory, Hero of Socialist Labor – Vladimir Ivanovich Orzhevskij – talented manager possessing great experience in managing the glass factories of the country, outstanding willpower and innovatory courage. As a token of respect to his deserts at the factory’s premises grateful progeny built the astonishing monument made of glass, the material Orzhevskiy devoted all his live to. Symbolically, that in the entrance, in the office building, in the workshops – everywhere the words “Whole Russia reflects in our glass” are cherishingly written. This is the motto of the company. The psychology of people who work for the company.  

To implement an advanced, courageously go into important experiment for the sake of highest results achieving– this is the tradition of Saratov glassmakers. The output product high quality allows to the company certainly to look to the future. “Through the glass quality – to the quality of life” – this is one more motto of JSC “Saratovstroysteklo” addressed to much people, and, primarily, to those who work for the company.  

... The marvelous city of Saratov is spread out over the Volga riverside. And the same marvelous people work here – masters of glass field. They are doing a great deal – manufacture the product, which is necessary for all the country – and they are doing it perfectly. That’s exactly why whole Russia reflects in Saratov glass. Surely, in Saratov glass will reflect the richness of whole world in soonest time. Everybody in the company aspires to this. The future of Saratov glass indeed is a small part of the future of whole Russia...