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Tinted glass

This type of glass production technology consists in tinting of the molten glass during glass melting by adding a colorant.  This sort of glass has mechanical stability and may be hardened.  Tinted float glass characterizes by uniform thickness, high surfaces quality, low optical distortion, relatively high light transmittance and conforms to the requirements of GOST R 54169-2010.
Tinted glass refers to sun glasses category, it partially absorbs thermal rays but stays transparent enough for visible light and has inconsiderable reflectivity.    Tinted glass application provides sunlight protection, improves internal environment in buildings and helps to reduce energy losses due to cooling equipment.
The above-stated characteristics of tinted glass provide it with wide range of applications in different fields: car industry, furniture production, building industry. This sort of glass products is used for insulated glass units, fences, separation walls, interior, entrance and office doors production.
Our tinted glass assortment is represented by the most commercially demanded colors: bronze, green, gray glass with thicknesses 3 to 6mm and sizes up to 3210*2550mm.

Light transmission coefficients for glass thickness 4mm are: 
green -  0.78-0.80
gray -  0.52-0.58
eurobronze -  0.58-0.62
gold bronze - 0.51-0.54