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Architectural glass

Modern architecture is impossible without glass, and modern building industry is impossible without functional and robust glass. Year by year buildings rise higher and higher to the sun. More attention is given to the materials, from which the buildings are constructed. The materials should be not only robust, but also effective.

 The mankind begins to follow the line of the resources saving. Energy saving technologies are appearing, which find legislative support.

 Modern man appreciate laconism, simplicity and convenience.  And we understand that. That's why the JCS "Salavatsteklo" products are continually improved, advance developments appear.  At the moment the standard solutions line is highly comprehensive, and along with that we can fabricate a custom design specially for the customer and in a short time.  

 Our technologies is a balance between beauty, workability and cost, which is maintained by us since 1962. And it deserves credit for our specialists, who not only continually improve the process, but also assure the quality at each stage of manufacturing.  

 In 2012 in cooperation with «VON ARDENNE Anlagentechnik GmbH» 6 new types of glass layers were developed by us.  This technology is patented and successfully developed by us subsequently.

 Thanks to the special off-line multi-layer coating technology by magnetron sputtering we have launched several products.  This glass spares your money, time and nerves. It is robust and easy to maintain.

 Facade glazing is one of the popular type of glazing today. And it make sense, because the using of glass in cladding of buildings brings:

- the sense of additional space and increase of floor space.

- lighting saving in the evening and morning time.

- simplicity of further maintenance. Simple wash the glass.  And the washing is simple.

- always attractive and modern exterior of the building, which is open for meeting the visitors. The number of them will surely increase since then.

  Off-line coated glass

1. Sun glass - "Comfort" This type of glass was developed specially for regions with high amount of sunny days per year. The glass protects rooms from the sun and allows to spare on space conditioning.

 2. Low-E glass - "Standard" The main purpose of this glass is to save heat during the cold season. Staying next to the window becomes more comfortable, and your costs for heating will decrease.

 3. Multifunctional - "Multi-comfort" (symbols "sun" and "snowflake")

This glass combines the features of the first two types of glass. It protects from the sun and provides heat insulation, which is important not only in winter, but in a hot summer, when even air conditioner is helpless.

  All the glass types are manufactured separately and incorporated in glass units, which differs by their characteristics and functionality (single, double and triple-pane).

 Sun glass - "Comfort"

 If you live in a sunny, hot climate, this type of glass is for you. It makes your stay in a building more pleasant and comfortable. You will not need to use inconvenient louver, closing yourself from the world outside.  Your visitors will notice the stress-free and gentle atmosphere in your room.  Sunny climate without feeling yourself as at the frying pan.

 You would not need to install the additional sun protection equipment. And the additional bonus will be saving costs for air conditioning.  The another advantage for aesthetes - is that the upholstery of your furniture will not burn out.  The interior will stay in a state of nature for a longer period of time.

 Our clients appreciate this type of glass especially for this feature.   Spaciousness and comfort. Furthermore, the sun glass is manufactured in different colors, separately or integrated in insulated glass units. We have the solutions line, we are ready to offer.

 Low-E glass - "Standard"

 One of the important trends of our time - is energy saving. "Green" energy, resource saving: the technologies, providing this savings, become prevailing nowadays.  This trend is encouraged by the society and government. Furthermore, customers also encourage this, because it makes it possible to spare the electricity by cutting the waste for warming the environment outside the building.

 This type of glass is manufactured with the account for this needs. It is not only beneficial, but practically essential in the areas with low winter temperatures. This glass saves the heat, a chill is not crept from the window, and it is possible to stand next to the window without wrapping in a warm blanket.

 It is also useful in a hot summer, since it provides thermal insulation and decrease the demand for air conditioning.

 Multifunctional glass - "Multi-comfort"

 This type of glass combines the features of the two above types:  sun protection and energy saving. Its efficiency is 2 times greater. The glass prevents the overheat in summer and cooling in winter, providing the comfort atmosphere 365 days a year.

This is the best choice, if you'd like your building benefits you all the year.