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In the unique museum is presented the exhibit of glass and crystal goods. The museum is a keeper of the best traditions of Saratov Technical Glass Factory and a bystander of the achievements of Saratovstroysteklo. The goods of Saratov maters attract the attentions by the elegance of forms and original design. Every goods is a masterpiece. 

The museum history begins from the assortment room where were collected the samples of output serial products and art  goods as well.  Over the years a little exhibit becomes the large collection, estimated more than 5000 items.  

Today the glass museum is a one of the most popular sights in Saratov region. The museum is visited annually by a thousand of people among which Russian and foreign delegations, representatives of the executive and legislative power, companies management, students, schoolchild and many others.


    In this room it seems that you are coming back for a decades. From stand to stand, like in a retrospective, you could see rare photos of semi centennial factory’s history: laying of foundation and contraction of the first workshops, start of the rolling line and conveyor SHPS-1000, modernization of sheet glass production, developing of new kinds of goods and modern technologies.   

    Here are presented the goods samples which were produced earlier, here is kept the enterprises awards – numerous charters, diplomas, grateful letters.


    For the years of museum existence it was visited by a lot of famous and honored people. This people was foreign and Russian diplomats, government and public persons, representatives of clergy and artistic intelligentsia, astronauts, sportsman and many others.  

    Their own delight and acknowledgment of Saratov glass makers mastery guests express in the guestbook by sincere and warm words.


    In this room there are presented the samples of sheet polished glass of different nominal produced by OJSC “Saratovstroysteklo”, automotive, tempered, bullet-resistance and laminated glass produced by LLC “Saratovtechsteklo”, assorted glassware, ornamental vase and souvenir goods made of glass and crystal.   

    In this room you could also learn about the difficult polished glass production process. For this purposes it was assembled an unique exhibit – miniature of float line, reproducing the real line up to smallest details. Upper this miniature there are hanged 6 monitors simultaneously displaying all stages of glass production.


    The exposition of magnificent goods, produced in single quantities fascinates  and does not leave anybody indifferent. Almost all of them are especial handmade and correspond to different concepts – from classic to advance guard.  

    Longstanding traditions enriched by modern technologies knowledge have allowed to create new  goods of superb artistry which are marked by its special elegance and inimitable style. The crystal goods in bronze, silver and cupronickel frameworks, encrusted with ornamental stones surprising and delighting by its delicacy.     

    Here are placed the copies of goods which were presented to the most famous people in different times: crystal chess for Mr. Brezhev, the crown of Russian Empire for Mr. Elzin, mitre for Russian Patriarch Alexiy II, crystal orchid for Mireille Mathieu...


    New technology room impresses numerous visitors and quests. Here are presented the exhibits showing a wide possibility of modern applying of glass: double glass pane with electro-chromic glass allowing adjusting light transmission capacity, double glass pane with integral controllable shutters between the glasses, keeping its sealing and heat saving properties, samples of curved glass, volume glass sculpture, panel picture with laser engraving.    

    The exposition “Live Glass” turns the special attention of the museum visitors. The transparent floor, glass bridge over the stream, mysterious “Rain man” shows the ornamental capabilities applying the sheet glass and an alternative approach to this material.